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The NextDev Academy to Improve the Social Technopreneurs Startup Scalability in Indonesia

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Indonesia is the largest digital market in Southeast Asia with the number of transactions increased 40% annually. But many start-ups or digital app developers are not ready to take advantage of this potential. The causes are diverse, such as inadequate capabilities, lack of access to government and businesses, the difficulty of obtaining digital facilities and platforms, and a lack of knowledge of good and correct international benchmarking. This is the reason Telkomsel held The NextDev Academy event.

The event is held to sharpen and sharpen the quality of applications created start-ups who become finalists of The NextDev 2015 and 2016 in July to October 2017. At The NextDev Academy, the finalists will get the right insight and useful so as to develop applications more effectively. Simultaneously participate in maintaining the sustainability of application developers community and application-based digital ecosystem.

President Director of Telkomsel Ririek Adriansyah said that The NextDev Academy was held to increase the scalability of social technopreneurs through self-development and enhancement of skills in research and customer development, design sprint, branding, product development, and business model and bootstrapping.

In The NextDev Academy, participants will gain comprehensive knowledge and information on technology startup to improve the quality of the applications they create and build the business in the near future. In addition, participants will also learn more in-depth skills to produce a mature and ready-to-market product planning strategy.

A total of 32 teams of The NextDev Academy will go through the stages of Assessment, Engagement, Enhancement, Establishment, to Inauguration. After passing the various stages, two selected evangelist will get rewards in the form of networking, publicity, virtual office, and money.

The participants of The NextDev Academy will be guided by several mentors who have expertise in design, market trends, pitching, and funding. These experts come from various industry categories, such as fashion, transportation, agriculture, education, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), tourism, and waste management.


Along with the launch of The NextDev Academy in Jakarta (14/7), Telkomsel also again held the competition The NextDev, an incubation event for the start-up of digital app developers. The third-ever program has captured more than 1,400 applications from all over Indonesia and is a form of Telkomsel’s effort to encourage young Indonesians to compete in the digital age.

The NextDev 2017 focuses on a fundamental issue on Indonesia’s digital development, which is the ecosystem that supports the lives of Indonesians, both urban and rural. In The NextDev 2017 competition, the categories that can be chosen by the participants as the basis for the development of the solution reflect the various areas that directly touch aspects of community life, including health, education, agriculture, and transportation.

The best teams from each category will also get exciting prizes called 7M, namely Market Access, Marketing (publicity), Mentoring (training and mentoring), Management Trip (study visit to telecom industry players abroad), Money (cash), Monetizing (great opportunity to earn revenue through collaboration with related stakeholders), and Match Expert (professional recruitment as needed for start-up business growth).