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Taiwan Excellence Prepares IoT Solutions for Indonesian Market

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Taiwan  has been known as a country that produces dozens of world-leading technology companies. Some technology companies such as Acer, Advantech, Bionime, Edimax, Marson, and PX, join Taiwan Excellence to prepare IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for the Indonesian market.

Indonesia with a population of around 260 million and 4G LTE internet connections that have spread across major cities into a lucrative market for the IoT sector. Adoption of IoT especially in Jakarta to realize smart city also has started pioneered. Such as City Surveillance System, Smart Street Lighting System, and Jakarta One Card.

At the Indonesia IoT Business Platform event held at JW Marriot Hotel (7/8/2017), Taiwan Excellence sponsored by the Taiwan Foreign Trade Bureau (TAITRA) introduced several IoT solutions to buyers, companies, and the Indonesian government.

Booth TAITRA Taiwan Excellence in Asia IoT Business Platform 2017 Jakarta

Acer for example. This computer manufacturer introduced Acer Cloud Professor, an IoT starter kit that combines all the hardware and software needed to start learning to develop applications.

It also introduces the Acer Air monitor, which is designed to monitor indoor air quality. This can not be separated from the importance of indoor air quality due to the fact that 4.3 million people die each year due to exposure to domestic air pollution (reported by the World Health Organization – WHO).

Furthermore, Advantech introduces Process Visualization Solution in which intelligent living should be a priority. Advantech takes a clear approach and focuses on intelligent healthcare, intelligent retail, and intelligent logistics. Advantech also carries six growth engines that will drive the future of the IoT Service.

Meanwhile, Edimax released AirBox which is an intelligent air quality detector with the PM2.5 sensor, Temperature, and Humidity. This detector is connected to the cloud network. So users can check data anytime and anywhere. The Push-Notification function on the smartphone makes the user immediately get alerted when the dust particles are at the level of the PM2.5 level, and the humidity is dangerous. In addition, data analysis is collected in various locations to understand trends, identify hot pollution points or observe developments over time.

There is another Bionimesecara startup that specifically produces Blood Glucose Systems. It is a system that provides total diabetes care solutions, with quality, accuracy, and high reliability. Blood glucose meter This Bionime collects each data and uploads it to the phone, then the user can take down drugs and insulin and record food for better analysis. At the hospital, your doctor can use your data to provide accurate controls and suggestions so you can live better and recover in a normal life.

Finally, Marson specializes in designing and making barcode scanner devices wirelessly. This scanner is the smallest and lightest barcode scanner available in the market. This scanner has a unique ergonomic design with a touch-activated scanner button. In Micro USB Barcode Scanner, Mobile NFC Reader, and many other scanners, making logistic management easier.