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“Tri Ibadah” Comes with a Affordable Communication Service for the Hajj pilgrims from Indonesia

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In the near future, Muslims around the world will celebrate Eid al-Adha. Many of them flocked to worship to the Holy Land of Mecca. This is used by telecommunication operators to deploy their services. One of them is Hutchison 3 Indonesia that presents Tri Ibadah service.

The service is designed to be a cost-effective Internet, telephone and SMS solution that can be activated without the need to change the card. Customers can activate Tri worship 3GB Internet package for 45 days with a price of IDR 250,000. Tri Ibadah Service is available on the umrah and haj travel agency network under the auspices of the Muslim Association of Hajj and Umrah of the Republic of Indonesia (AMPHURI) and the Umrah and Haj Admin Organizers (HIMPUH).

Dolly Susanto, Chief Commercial Officer of Tri, said this year the Ministry of Religious Affairs estimates that approximately 221,000 Indonesian pilgrims will fly to Saudi Arabia starting early August 2017. “In cooperation with all operators in Saudi Arabia (Mobily, STC, and Zain) So that the pilgrims can still perform the worship because it can always connect with the family through Tri Ibadah service, “he said.

Dolly added that Tri Ibadah service offers the most effective offer compared to current offerings and can be enjoyed by all Tri customers (old and new customers, 3Prabayar and 3Pascabayar). International roaming service can be directly used in Saudi Arabia for phone, SMS, BlackBerry®, or Foreign Internet.

For Tri Ibadah Service, activation can be done by registration at * 899 * 3 # (FREE) or using BimaTri and Bima + application, or even through website For BlackBerry users, Android, iPhone, iPad, tablets, and modems, you can enjoy Tri Ibadah Service with the bigger quota for a long time while in Saudi Arabia.

The subscription rate is Rp 250,000 for 3GB for 45 days. While phones in Saudi Arabia to local destinations in Saudi Arabia and in Indonesia are charged at Rp 3,300 / minute. Send SMS for only Rp 3.300 / SMS and receive Free SMS.


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