This is the Cause of Adware on New Smartphones and How to fix it

The use of smartphones in this modern era is no longer a lifestyle but has become a necessity. Undeniably many applications are needed in the smartphone to help activities, ranging from entertainment, work or even romance. However, as various applications emerge, there are often many unofficial apps that have sprung up on new smartphones.

Why is an unofficial app called? Because without realizing it is actually a lot of applications appear on new smartphones that are not innate of the smartphone and cause a lot of adware popping up after activating the smartphone.

The easiest feature to know which smartphone is already installed unofficial applications is to see the new smartphone when it is turned on then there is no android initial settings page that asks the language, time settings, connections, username, and others.

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How did this happen? According to Suryadi Willim, Head of Marketing Communication Evercoss said the adware case can be considered very unsettling for consumers to be uncomfortable in its use. Initially, we often assume that the emergence of many applications/adware because of the virus/malware that is installed in our Smartphone.

But after the search from the Evercoss team further, not only malware that causes this to happen but also because there are rogue elements who work together and get paid per install from one of the publisher application. The trick, unscrupulous install some applications without the knowledge of consumers and before the new smartphone sold in the hands of consumers. This is evidenced by the findings of several Evercoss smartphones that have been installed some unofficial applications in a number of smartphone central markets. And can not be denied this can happen to other brands.

This is very disturbing for consumers and also for the principal because it will be detrimental for both parties. From the consumer side will lose because it will suck the battery and data. While the principal party will be disadvantaged because consumers will assume that Evercoss many virus/malware. Therefore, we always educate consumers through social media Evercoss to be more sensitive to the applications that first appeared when buying a Smartphone.

But consumers need not worry, the emergence of unofficial applications can be overcome by doing factory reset or factory mode on your smartphone. After doing a factory reset will appear the application that is innate from the smartphone.

For the first way, to factory reset choose menu settings / settings -> Backup & reset -> reset phone -> erase everything. Or it can be done in a second way, ie factory mode: Turn off smartphone -> press power button + volume up button simultaneously -> Select factory mode -> Select Factory reset. It’s easy, right? However, the factory reset is recommended for the first time to buy a mobile phone.

From Evercoss’s own party, will conduct a thorough investigation of irresponsible persons who are suspected of having other interests. “Evercoss will crack down on people who are caught cheating,” Suryadi said.


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