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Samsung GALAXY Tab S3 More Powerful with S Pen and POGO Keyboard

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Aalthough the market trend of tablets is getting smaller, but Samsung Electronics Indonesia believes there are still opportunities that can be extracted. However, instead of releasing cheaper tablets as commonly sold by local brands, South Korean manufacturers are gush premium tablets to compete with Apple iPad with the release of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

At the launch which took place at Scenic Lounge & Resto, Jakarta (8/2/2017), Vebbyna Kaunang, IM Marketing Director of Samsung Electronics Indonesia, said the tablet was born from the understanding of professional consumers who need a device that can be maximized to be more productive. “Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is equipped with S Pen designed as a partner productivity and multitasking work to support the lifestyle of professionals optimally,” said Vebbyna Kaunang.

Further explained, this tablet is also supported by AKG Quad Speaker by Harman which offers prime audio quality, longer battery life, and Signature Glass Back design for an elegant and professional look. “Also coupled with the offer of POGO wireless keyboard exclusive Tab S3 that allows tablets present in a more varied mode of work and flexible in dealing with more complex work,” said Vebbyna.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 launch
The launching of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 in Jakarta (Photo: Bambang/Gizmologi)

S Pen

Galaxy Tab S3 has S Pen signature without battery with a smaller tip size, 0.7mm that can recognize the pressure up to 4,096 levels. Its anti-slip technology provides comfort and stability, resulting in a more natural handwriting impression.

In addition S Pen is also equipped with features Screen-off Memos, Samsung Notes, and Air Command. Samsung Notes combines the functions of the four notes applications into one easy application, while Air Command provides convenient access to some tools like Translate, Magnify, Glance, and Smart Select, which is useful for creating your own GIF animations.

The presence of S Pen on the tablet is called to be Samsung’s answer for users with higher activity, which is required to always be productive wherever located. The productivity is not limited to just one task, but multitasking, several different jobs in one span of time nearby.


POGO wireless keyboard

To meet the needs of multitasking, Samsung also brought POGO wireless keyboard to give flexibility to the user change the work mode Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 in completing the work with more flexible.

Fun, this keyboard does not require charging, and has a specific inter-letter positioning distance for a more accurate typing experience. In order to connect and work, there is a magnet port that can be embedded easily on the tablet. So this tablet can change the function to be like a mini laptop.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 new

Tech Specs & Price tag of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 in Indonesia

The experience of watching videos as well as playing superior games is offered 9.7-inch Super AMOLED screen. Equipped with a 13-megapixel rear camera and 5-megapixel front camera for sharper and beautiful images, and 4GB of RAM + 32GB of internal memory, as well as Micro SD slot up to 256GB which allows users to store data more freely.

Meanwhile, in order to support the quality of video with image-optimizing mDNLE technology, embedded Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor is fast and efficient on the Galaxy Tab S3.

Concerns will be depleted in the middle of the density of activities need not be experienced because the battery capacity reaches 6000mAH, with the ability of fast charging and the use of more efficient power that can last up to 12 hours of video playback.

The presence of AKG Quad Speaker by Harman on the four corners of the tablet also provides more value to provide the maximum entertainment experience. Watching movies, listening to music for a break or finding ideas becomes more fun thanks to clear and clear sound. Also equipped with ‘Auto Rotate Stereo’ function to enable the tablet to switch the sound based on its orientation, creating a more accurate and consistent listening experience.

Signature Glass Design The Galaxy Tab S3 is further enhanced with a minimal and smooth design as it is wrapped and reinforced by glass panels of aluminum frames, resulting in a smooth aesthetic design. Galaxy Tab S3 is available with a choice of silver and black, which adjust the tastes of modern millennials. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 with S Pen has been present in the market with the price of IDR 9.999.000, -.