LG K10 Power: Selfie Smartphone with Battery Life up to a Week

While waiting for the flagship LG G6 Plus which will soon be launched, LG Mobile Indonesia released the latest smartphone in the middle-end class of LG K10 Power. The smartphone that supports dual SIM is the next generation LG K10 2017 which was introduced at the beginning of this year.

LG K10 Power still maintains the features of the front camera lens with wide-angle selfie camera which reaches 120 degrees. Meanwhile, from the addition of the word Power, confirms its ability to be improved both in terms of performance and battery durability and adoption of the latest operating system Android 7.0 Nougat.

Similar to its predecessor, the LG K10 Power also inherited the ability of the front camera with a wide-angle field of 120 degrees. The width of this catch field beside giving ease of selfie together without the use of additional tools also gives a greater opportunity to capture better scenes that become the background of the selfie. While in the rear, LG Mobile still retain the 13MP camera sensor.

Unfortunately, LG K10 Power is still not equipped with a dual camera for selfie needs. If anything, it will certainly be an attractive choice for consumers. Where the current selfie smartphone is dominated by two brands from China namely Oppo and Vivo.

LG Mobile’s efforts to update LG K10 Power can be seen from a wider 5.5-inch widescreen HD than its predecessor. However, one of the most significant changes lies in the capacity of the LG K10 Power battery which reaches 4.500mAh and can be detached. The capacity of this battery increases almost twice that of its predecessor which has a capacity of 2,800mAh battery.

LG party claims this capacity of battery equivalent to normal operation for a week, play nonstop video throughout the 15 hours or a navigation tool for 14 hours without the need to recharge. If the user requires charging, it does not take long.

The reason, LG K10 Power has been equipped with fast charging capabilities (fast charging). This capability makes it only takes about 2 hours of battery charge duration to be fully charged. For information, this duration is only half the time it takes for a smartphone with a large battery equivalent to charging up to 100% of the battery state is empty.

The machine also improved from its predecessor to bring 1.5GHz Octa Core and 2GB RAM. LG Mobile also provides a built-in crib reach 16GB which can be added via external storage option.

LG K10 Power in Indonesia will be available in two colors: black and gold. Meanwhile, to redeem it, LG Mobile set the price range of Rp 2,799,000. LG Indonesia is quite optimistic, a blend of wide-angle selfie features with improved performance wrapped in the latest Android operating system will make LG K10 Power not difficult to become a new idol smartphone selfie. For us, the selling value is quite attractive from selfie smartphone this is the price is relatively more affordable than competitors and battery life long enough.


LG K10 Power Specifications

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